We are a group of engaged people who believe in the power ofan idea. Based on our own life experiences, we decided to support projects in education, environment, history, society and research. At the same time, we claim responsibility for the future direction of the Czech Republic and the EU. We believe that an engaged public is the engine of any successful society.

Our first project is the Lingua Franca Scholarship. The main aim of this project is to promote the language skills of secondary school students. We are trying to compensate for the currently insufficient level of foreign language matriculation (currently B1 or B2) in the Czech Republic.

The LFS motivates young people from all over the Czech Republic to have the language equipment after their secondary education that will enable them to continue their studies abroad and, above all, to compete in the highly competitive job market in the Czech Republic, the EU or anywhere in the world.

The LFS project focuses on the external and internal peripheries of the Czech Republic and does not exclude cooperation with any secondary school in the whole Czech Republic.

We do not focus only on finding and supporting individual talent and excellence. We know from sport that the quality of a team is not determined by the best player, but by the level of the weakest.

One of the cornerstones on which the knowledge economy is built is the level of language proficiency of the general population. The long-term goal of the LFS project is to create a social demand that will lead to a change in a suboptimally set parameter - the level of language proficiency of high school students - in the Czech Republic.

The functioning of LFS is ensured mainly by the commitment of our supporters and ourselves. The scholarships in the LFS project are financed by private funds from our donors.

Today, we support students in grammar and secondary schools, valuing diligence, self-sufficiency and education. We would like to become an open platform for meeting and sharing innovative ideas.

Founder of NF FF

Tomáš Filip