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With the Lingua Franca Scholarship project, the Foundation fund FF continues the tradition of responsible and conscious Czech parents who know that adequate language skills of their offspring are an important prerequisite for the success of an individual in any society.

"...I was lucky enough, and you remembered my father, to have been guided by him to study languages .... among other things, and I had English at the level of a state exam as early as 1988, without any way of knowing that I would soon need it..."

Text: president of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel (25 min. 40 sec.)

As part of the Lingua Franca Stipendium project, we awarded 20,000 CZK in the school year 2022/23, an increase of 100% compared to the school year 2021/22.

We would also like to double the number of scholarships awarded in the 2023/24 school year.

The Lingua Franca Stipendium is awarded at 100% of the fee, 5,000 CZK, for the CAE language exam to selected candidates.

The FF Foundation ensures that a full 100% of the donation goes directly to this charity, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness of your contribution.

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IBAN: CZ44 0800 0000 0061 3602 2329


We greatly appreciate the support of our donors and supporters, who enable us to motivate high school/middle school students and recognize their diligence, self-sufficiency and education.

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Hana Formankova

Chairwoman of the NF FF Executive Board