IČO: 14049945

Data box: dzhaed7

E-mail: info@nfff.cz

Address: Kurzova 2222/16, Stodůlky (Praha 13), 155 00 Praha

Founding documents

Chairwoman of the Board of the FF foundation fund: Hana Formánková 

Board Member: Pavel Hok 

Founder and board member: Tomáš Filip

Supervisor: Jan Drevňak

History of the NF FF

  • launch of the second year of LFS, in the school year 2023/24
  • change in the structure of the NFHF and renaming it the NF FF, 2023
  • launch of the first year of LFS, in the school year 2022/23, extension of the LFS project to other grammar schools
  • launch of the zero year of LFS, in the school year 2021/22, in cooperation with the Gymnasium Ostrava-Zábřeh
  • Establishment of the HF Foundation Fund, 2021
  • creation of the Lingua Franca Stipendium project, 2021

Annual Report

  • 2022/23