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With the Lingua Franka Scholarship project, the FF Foundation continues the tradition of responsible and conscious Czech parents who know that adequate language skills of their offspring are an important prerequisite for the success of an individual in any society.

"...I was lucky enough, and you remembered my father, to have been guided by him to study languages .... among other things, and I had English at the level of a state exam as early as 1988, without any way of knowing that I would soon need it..."

Text: president of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel (25 min. 40 sec.)

As part of the Lingua Franca Stipendium project, we increased the number of cooperating grammar schools from one to five in the 2022/23 school year and awarded 4 LFS scholarships - an increase of 100% compared to the previous school year.

We would also like to double the number of scholarships awarded and increase the number of collaborating grammar/middle schools in the 2023/24 school year.

The LFS project focuses primarily on the outer and inner peripheries of the country and does not exclude cooperation with any high school in the entire Czech Republic.

There are several ways in which the project can be expanded to other grammar/middle schools.

We have verified that the most effective way to reach individual schools is through alumni-sponsor referrals. In the form of a simple informational email to the management of his/her alma mater informing the school of the existence of the Lingua Franca Stipendium program and recommending the project for their attention.

Everything else is up to the school itself.

As an example and inspiration, we attach, with the author's permission, an informative email for a high school.

The information email for the Gymnasium can be found here.

We greatly appreciate the encouragement of our supporters and donors, who enable us to motivate our female students, high school/middle school students and recognize their diligence, self-sufficiency and education.

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Tomas Filip

Founder and Member of the Executive Board